Purity of Nature (Written 10-12-21)


I have this friend,
That I used to think I owned,
But she never thought that about me,
As she welcomed me home!

She never looked down on me,
Like most of society,
But instead gave me kisses,
Whenever she had the chance!

She was always there for me,
No matter what I had done,
Never there to judge me,
Like most others have done,
In her eyes I can always read,
That she is happy to see me!

If I ever hurt her,
She would shy away,
Always returning to forgive me,
And Love me anyways!

I used to call her my pet,
But now I call her my friend,
Because in reality of it all,
She deserves so much better than me!

She may be a dog,
That I miss very much,
But I found her a home,
Much better than mine,
So, she could spend time,
With One of her own!

I did this out of my own Love for her,
Because the best way to show Love,
Was to do what is best for her,
Just as I have done!

I’m glad she was in my life for a bit,
And taught me how to grow up!
I am Happy to have known her,
And without her lessons in Life,
I may have never learned,
How to Truly Love another too!

She is Purity!

She was my Best Friend ever!

-Doug Chandler



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