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Another Simple Blogging Tip For Today (Written 10-24-21)

I’ve noticed that this Blogging Tip hasn’t been mentioned by other Blogger Tipist (New word LOL)!

This seems to have also escaped WordPress’s Blogging Tips! I guess WordPress hasn’t figured out the importance yet of people, that are scrolling through an endless amount of blogs, desire for the latest or most Recent News!

The Blogging Tip is in the Title of this Post itself!

I’ve personally searched on different topics and would see one that interested me, would read through it, make a comment on it, then realized that the original post was several years old and I never ended up getting any response from it! That post was so old, the original writer had , since then, got a degree in rocket engineering and then launched himself to the moon, where he obviously had better things to do than to respond to an old blog of his!

Even Main-Stream Media hasn’t figured this one out yet!

The Most Recent Example: America getting kicked out of a country that no longer wanted us there! After a week, people started ignoring the media because it was just becoming Old News! A month later they were still talking about it and hadn’t found the exit from the country yet! Musta been going in circles that whole time! 😛

And so most people just started ignoring it after a week and started watching more interesting things like: “How does Bi-Polar relate to Polar Bears? And How do you know that the Bear is Gay?” And.. Maybe we should just leave that alone because it is the Bears own Free-Choice if it wants to Love all Others! We could learn a lot from Bi-Polar Bears, Obviously!

So, anyways, to summarize this Post:

If you write when your Post is Written in the Topic, people can Very Easily see that it is a more recent post and may actually apply to the world Today!

They can see it easily while scrolling through posts!

“Brilliant Huh? Glad I thought of it!” 😛

New Word of the Day: Tipist

  • Tipist – is a person that is generous and tips someone based off of their good efforts at their current job!
  • Tipist – is also someone who provides useful information that can be applied today!

There is a downside to Tipist though, and that is Tipism!

Tipism: The church calls ‘Tipism’ a cult, because they only want you to tip them, not anyone else who might actually deserve it! In other words, Tipism is against their own beliefs!
But what is the Cult of Tipism? The Cult of Tipism, is the idea of giving people useful information designed for today, not 2,000 years ago!

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Have an Awesome Blogging Day!

-Autistics Unlimited Guy

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A Simple Blogging Tip (Written 10-24-21)

This is a New Blog I just started and since it is ALL about Improving others lives, I thought I would post this!

You will notice below that the views to likes almost match in numbers!

Although this blog covers massive different subjects, by several different Authors, you can see that it is very consistent in its response rate!

This blog is all based on Truths and Creating Awareness through various forms of communication with others! Example: True Stories, Poems, Inspirational Content, and Other types of writing.

If you are starting a Blog, you can use your own numbers to figure out what your readers are more interested in! Then you can gear your future writings in that direction if you want!

This blogs first post was only a week ago and it seems to be headed in the right 50 different directions! 😛 🙂

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-Autistics Unlimited Guy

Welcome To Our Newest Author


Welcome to Autistics Unlimited God!

Wow, There is something you don’t read everyday! 😛 🙂

A little information about ‘Gods Lil Bloggy’, for our current subscribers and Authors!

Gods Lil Bloggy‘ used to be ‘Gods Bloggy‘ on WordPress!

He was locked out of his account and has had to create a new one! It is suspected that he was locked out because of the information he was providing that is against the current societies indoctrinated belief system, and the 2,000 year old church that created it! We’ll just let their 2,000 year old history, of nothing but failed promises, speak for itself! Yes, that is over 100+ generations destroyed through their Illogical beliefs! They say, “We should learn from history!”.

They say, “Free Speech is only Okay, if you stick within the indoctrinations of your current society!” 😦

To help our Authors, just in case, we have decided to have individual pages for Authors on this site!

This way if they ever get locked out of their own accounts for ‘Free Speech’, they can simply create another account and we will directly associate their New account to the Author ‘Page’ we have here!

Brilliant Huh… LOL 😛

It’s what Autistics do Best! 🙂

Problems With The Society I Grew Up In (written 10-14-21)

  • We think we are better than everyone else!
  • We are in ‘Denial’ that we have problems!
  • We don’t take responsibility for our problems!
  • We blame all our problems on others or circumstances!
  • We simply won’t admit we have problems!

At the same time, we preach to alcoholics that they must admit that they have a problem and get out of that ‘Denial’ state in order to get better!

Maybe the society I grew up in should stop being so hypocritical and fix their own reflection in the mirror before preaching to others!

Don’t hold others to standards that you yourself aren’t living up to!

Take Michael Jacksons advice he gave in ‘Man In The Mirror’! Most of the Best messages in life are written by song artists!

Coming To Solutions

In order to come to a solution for anything, You must first identify the problem and admit that it is a problem! Only then can you find a solution to that problem!

This is the reason that society is going downhill!!! They simply refuse to admit the Truth about themselves!

What This Blog Is Doing

This blog is identifying a lot of the problems today, and if you take the time to read it, you might just find that there are many solutions being shared too!

We must Identify the problems first though! You may find that some of the post are not only identifying problems, but they are giving possible solutions as well!

As more Autistics, or logical thinkers, join in this blog and start either writing for it, or posting solutions to other writers posts, we will start solving many of societies problems!

So, we will bring Awareness, and then try to immediately follow it up with Solutions!

Don’t underestimate the Power of Unity!

Most of us are Autistic! Embrace your Autism and realize what you are Truly capable of! Let’s solve societies problems while also Creating a Better world for everyone! Let’s lead by Example!

-Autistics Unlimited


Harnessing The Power of Autism (Our Mission)

Each one of our Minds is a ‘Think Tank’ on its own when we decide to use it, whether you are Autistic or not! But in the world today, it seems that the ones using their minds the most are Autistic!

I have scoured the internet reading all kinds of Brilliant blogs, most of them from Autistics, but not all of them! Many of these blogs are describing a basis for life itself and so many have very valuable information that could benefit all of our society!

As a problem solver myself, here is how I look at this situation:

  • In the real world, Autistics don’t really ever get a chance to connect and work together because in order to do that, they would have to get out into a society that they don’t want to be around!
  • Rather than arguing endlessly with the rest of society and their views on Autistics and then letting them hold us down through negative connotations, let’s not follow their example and instead do something completely different and prove them wrong in the process of our own actions! Because True leaders lead by example, not talk!
  • Autistics are not as judgmental about others as much as society is judgmental about us, so lets continue leading by our own examples!

I have a hard time with names so I will often just call everyone ‘Friend’! With that thought in mind, I would like to mention a friend of mine that is showing the power of ONE Autistic through her actions! She has found something she loves to do! She loves to Help others! How Autistic of her! 😛

I Love watching her videos, as she is so Honest in them, that she is often questioning her own ideas and trying to make sense of them for her viewers! I call this ‘non-bias thinking’ and I Love watching it! She is constantly ‘Logicizing’ her own thoughts, which is what helps her to find the truth in things!

I won’t tell you who she is, but instead, I’ll just call her ‘Neurodivergent Rebel’ :P, and you can figure that out on your own! She is Awesome and is currently showing ‘the Power of One very Honest Autistic’, by embracing who she is and not letting society hold her down! As of this post, 84,000 followers on Facebook can’t be wrong! She, like myself, likes to work alone and is showing the Power of a single Mind! I Salute her for standing out and being Honest with all of those around her! I guess Honesty, a basic trait in Autistics, can go a very long way! At least that is what she is proving in her Actions!

What Neurodivergent Rebel doesn’t realize yet is that this blog is going to provide a lot of answers to many of the ideas she has been trying to figure out in her videos! Imagine her surprise when she finds it! 🙂

She has Inspired the starting of this blog! I Thank her for that! 🙂

A Solution for the world:

  • Autistics that have a hard time finding each other off line might find that it is very easy to find each other online! Mostly because we stand out so much with our Writing, our Honest ways, and our very Logical thinking that always will lead to the Truth!
  • Once you understand the Truth about something through ‘non-bias thinking’, it makes it very easy then to solve the problem at hand! But you HAVE to understand the Truth in order to come to a Logical solution!

Finish this goofball!! 😛 I’m obviously self-motivated! 🙂

-Autistics Unlimited

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