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The Power of a Pen (Written 10-20-21)


The Power of a Pen,
Is Said to Do Wonders,
They Say it Can,
Tear Down Walls!

I Guess if it is Sharp Enough,
To Dig Through That Wall!
Maybe That’s Not What,
It Really Means, After All!

Maybe it is About Writing Truths,
About Your Own Country,
The Country You Grew Up in,
And Know Better Than Any Other!

You Could Write Truths,
About Those Keeping Us Divided,
The Ones Who Build Walls,
To Keep Our Own Neighbors Out!

Once You Are Done,
Sharing Your Wisdom,
You Can Then Share Your Pen,
By Throwing it Over That Wall,
To An Honest Friend,
On The Other Side!

Then They Can Write,
Truths About the Country They Grew Up In,
And Know Better Than Any Other,
And Through Those Combined Writings,
We Can Bring Down,
Those Keeping Us Divided!

Because When the People,
Share Truths, About Their Own Aggressors,
Then Those Who Hold Us Down,
Will Be Exposed to the Masses!

Those Who Really Stand for Something,
And Actually, Have Better Standards,
Will Hold Their Ground,
While The Rest of The Leaders,
Will Show Their True Faces,
As They Try to Escape, Their Own Fate!

I Just Looked at My Pen a Little Closer,
And Discovered Some Small Writing on It,
It Says it is a Nuclear Pen,
Which Would Suggest,
That The Power of My Pen,
Can Either Destroy Countries,
Or Unite Those Countries,
Each Country Has a Choice!

Maybe It Is as Simple,
Those Who Don’t Want to Unite,
Will Simply Be Destroyed,
Keeping Life Simple, as Usual!

I’ve Added a Small Shovel,
To The Other End,
So That Now,
I Can Dig Too!

-Autistic Alien – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress


The Puppet Master (Written 10-13-21)

If you don’t want to be a puppet anymore,
Then you have to cut the strings,
That are controlling you,
No one can do that for you!

So here you go my friend,
I will provide you with the tools,
And an overabundance of knowledge,
To give you the Freedom you deserve!

Whether you choose to use my knowledge,
For the benefit of yourself,
And the Freedom of your own children,
Is a choice that you must make!

I would suggest you do it quickly,
Because here he comes again,
That one that calls himself your friend,
The Puppet Master!

-Autistic Alien