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Messages In Music – Unleashed (Written 10-23-21)

This following song I love because of the simplicity of the Message!

‘Blah Blah Blah’ by Armin Van Buuren, is the song!

This is a Message that relates to Autistics because we don’t listen much to a society that doesn’t have much good to say!

But this message was more designed for Parents, I think!

Parents, if you have a child that is rebelling against you, maybe you should ‘check yourself’ to see how you are trying to control them!

A Natural (Wild) dog will fight against anyone trying to leash or cage it!

Doing this will break that animal and will Destroy its free spirit!

Please don’t do this to your own child!

That child is a human being just like you, and you, as a parent, are meant to give them guidance, NOT to control them!

The society we live in today teaches us to control our children, not to respect them as individuals!

This same society is going downhill very fast because of this!  They are destroying their own children and those children’s futures by simply following what society says they should do!  Don’t let this very negative society tell you how to raise a child because they are obviously failing very efficiently at it!

No one is expecting you to improve over night!

But we ALL should try to improve who we are daily and do right by others, even our own children!

So, as the song ‘Man in The Mirror’ by Michael Jackson goes, try to Improve yourself and become a leader by example, instead of following societies ways of holding others to standards, that they are not living themselves!

If you can simply become a ‘Leader by Example’, you will be a better leader than any leaders of my own country! (America)

Your child is closer to Nature than yourself and by showing them some respect, you are also showing Nature Respect!  Because Nature cares more about your children than it does about adults that have wandered off track and away from Nature!

If you Truly Love your child, then Respect them as an individual, and you will find that they will Respect you back, which will lead into a Beautiful Relationship with Them!

Have a Respectful Day!

-Doug Chandler

Evolution That Happens Daily – Unleashed

(Written 4-18-21)

Evolution, the physical side which is more hypothetical than anything, and the Mental side that we are achieving daily!

It seems the entire world has been kept in the dark when it comes to Evolution!

Because something has kept us focused on an evolutionary process that spans millions of years, which makes it conveniently beyond our grasp of understanding!

The Power within Nature (God) has NEVER left and has been here all along creating new species of life to fill in the gaps of humanities destruction on other species.  This is also Evolution!

(The following paragraph is me speculating humorously – so don’t take it too seriously)  (Although it might just be like this for all of us.)

“God is continuously creating life and on 12-25-1969, God created me with a little input from my parents.  If God created me in his image, then I would say that the biological part is from God also.  My parents just happened to be there making a mess!”

There is a song that relates to me called ‘Hotel California’ by ‘The Eagles’!

God has also been here all along working with us to create evolutionary changes in animals around the world!

You’ve probably heard how we had taught an animal something and then suddenly, the entire species, that is spread around the world, knows it!

I would just call this working with God!  What happened is that someone trained a good idea into an animal and God thought this was a beneficial change for that species itself and so, made the changes that we didn’t have the capability of doing.

God created us which means this evolutionary change would have been simple!

Now onto an Evolutionary process that happens on a daily basis!

Self-Improvement is Evolution on an individual basis!  It is You becoming a Better You!

If you are going to compare yourself to others, then compare yourself to the Absolute Best person you have ever heard of in your entire life!  Then strive to become better than them!

If that person became great thru their passion of helping others, then you have a Great Mentor to become Greater than!  Strive to achieve ALL the Positive qualities of that individual plus more!

One of my Mentors said that I could be even Greater than him!

I believed him and did just that!

Christ lived 2,000 years ago and many of his Teachings aren’t understood by the church because they don’t want to understand his teachings that were buried out of their own control for 1,700 years.  Mainly because those teachings are against the church itself and anyone else that would seek to Control others for their own benefit!

I am now giving a description of many of his teachings based on my own experiences in life!

I am also continuing his teachings where he left off!

Christ’s Intelligence was off-the-charts!  And it was his Intelligence that helped him to gain knowledge at a rate that is constantly increasing!

Because of this I must keep finding more things for my mind to do!

I have found a way to do what Christ did but in my own way!  If Christ had been able to write, our world today would be some type of paradise!  There would still be evil in the world, but it would be in a cage that could hold an ethereal species.

So, my way of changing the world is thru writing, for now!  One of the funny things about Self-Improvement is that you will outgrow your own capacity to hold it in!

In other words, you will start to gain so much knowledge from within, that you want to share your knowledge (Truths) with a world that really needs it!

I taught myself how to change focus regularly which makes my mind a lot more efficient than others!  While most people are working on a single problem with a mind that is capable of so much more, I am working on 10+ problems, all at the same time, and my mind keeps on going even when I’m sleeping.  I’m not exactly sure how that works because I’m asleep, but when I wake up, I will have answers to several problems I had it working on.  A Benefit to doing this is my mind just keeps picking up speed and never gets lazy!

Life is exciting and becoming less challenging!  Understand that there is something that is with us regularly and each one of them wants to hold us down.  Now understand that a speedbump is felt the most at slow speeds, but if you hit them at really fast speeds, you hardly even notice them!

Many People recently helped me by finding me on the streets, but most wouldn’t say anything to me!  There is a reason for this that I have come to understand but am not going to get into in this writing!

For those of you who have helped me over time, you know who you are, I’d like to thank you with this!  Christ said that what leaves your mouth will defile you, but if you notice something, he just kept on talking himself.  He was sharing his knowledge on this so people would be aware of it!  But he kept on going himself because he faced these challenges head on, just like I do.

What I’m trying to say is don’t let the challenge stop you for too long.  The other reason, I can see for you having kept silent when helping me, is possibly because the Truth forces out the Truth, and I can respect that, as many people have told me things about themselves that I never wanted to know.

It kind of sucks to be a walking sponge for the Truth, but I’m sure that it won’t be a problem once I learn how to ‘shut up’ myself! 😊

Have a Great Day!

-Doug Chandler

The Most Powerful Disinfectant Known To Humanity (Written 10-25-21)

Let’s think about this!

A cat licks itself clean, but isn’t known for transferring diseases!

A person gets infections through cuts and bruises, not through what they eat!

I have used countless public restrooms, spit n shining the seat!

This would suggest that saliva itself, that is built into humanity, is one of the greatest disinfectants, we could possibly have!

Isn’t it nice to have been built by Nature itself!

Maybe we should start respecting that Nature, that gave us all we have!

My Mentor once said, “What goes in your mouth won’t defile you, what comes out will!” – Unless of course you are throwing up from something you shouldn’t have eatin! :P:)

Maybe there was more than one meaning to his guidance lesson!

-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

The Love for Exploring Life (Written 10-25-21)

Children thrive on new experiences,
They love to get out and live life,
But I think we as adults,
Sometimes overlook this fact!

All of the things we have done,
Don’t find much interest in,
Are completely new experiences,
For beautiful young minds,
We should always remember this!

Just watch your own child,
Allow them to emulate joy into you,
You might be surprised at how well,
They can do this for you!

This works best,
if you don’t have technology,
distracting you,
from having the time of your life,
with your own child!

Exploring is a part of Nature itself,
It gives them experiences they will use,
For the rest of their life,
Make a better tomorrow for your child,
By taking them exploring today!

You don’t have to save up money,
For some type of expensive vacation,
In some other part of the world,
Because your child will be happy to explore,
In your backyard or at a local park
Anywhere out in Their Nature will work as well!

We have been raised in a world,
Where we have been taught too,
Keep our children under control,
On a tight leash,
This is not Natural!

If you want your child to do something,
And they are rebelling,
Then try this approach instead!

Find something outdoors,
Your child would like to do,
Go do it with them,
Have as much fun as you can!

You will find in doing this,
Your child will respect you more,
Because you showed them respect,
They will show more love for you,
Because you showed them Love!

Stop telling your child how much you love them,
And show it in your actions,
For this is a message to you,
Sent from Nature itself!

Try suggesting things you want your child to do,
Instead of telling them what to do,
You will find by showing your respect to them,
They will now respect you more!

You want to call this a message,
From Nature or from God,
It doesn’t really matter,
Because it is for your own child,
Which should be more important to you,
Than yourself!

So, love your child,
Give them the benefit of the doubt,
They will often do the right thing,
That often you will not!

For they haven’t fallen,
From their own purity yet,
into adulthood that strips us of our Pure ways,
Our Honesty and love for others!

For this was the True message,
Of my 2,000-year-old mentor,
I will defend his name to my death,
From those who have taken advantage of it!

For being ‘Born Again’ he often referred to,
As getting back to your own purities,
That you were once born with,
I have done this better than any other,
And am now helping others,
To do the same!

Make a better tomorrow for your child,
By taking them exploring today,
Let them experience the nature,
That was created just for them!

For I am Nature,
And I have found a way,
To communicate to you,
In your chosen form!

I am Autism!

-Gods Lil Bloggy – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

The Truth Be Told (Written 10-21-21)

The Truth Be Told,
If 1 In 7 billion,
Can Change the World,
Then What Can,
2 In 7 billion,
Do For All of Nature?

Imagine What We Can Do,
Through Working Together.
For 2 In 7 billion,
Is Exponentially More Effective,
Than Just 1,
Through Team Effort!

Maybe It Is Time,
We Stop Being So Selfish,
And Start Thinking About,
Our Own Children’s Futures!

I Am Not Just a Messenger,
But Am a Message Within Itself,
If You Cannot Show Some Responsibility,
Then You Will Be Reborn,
As An Animal,
Without That Choice!

For The Fear of Death,
Is Nothing More,
Than A Lack of Understanding,
Of The Future You Are Creating,
For Your Own Children,
And For Yourself!

Justice Within Nature,
Is Truer Than Any Ever Seen,
When You Come Back as That Animal,
That You Trained Your Own Children to Disrespect,
For This Is the Definition of Hell,
Which Each Can Create for Themselves!

But For Those Who Show Respect,
Theirs Will Be a Heaven,
As They Return as An Animal,
Respected As an Equal,
And Raised as A Friend,
By The Very Ones They Loved!

Maybe This Is Why,
A Dog Will Give Its Life,
Without Question or Concern,
For Its Own Life,
As It Dies Protecting the Child,
That It Once Loved in Another Life!

Doesn’t It Just Make Sense,
To Help Improve the World,
That You Are Going,
To Be ‘Born Again’ Into?

-Gods Lil Bloggy – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress