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Messages In Music – Unleashed (Written 10-23-21)

This following song I love because of the simplicity of the Message!

‘Blah Blah Blah’ by Armin Van Buuren, is the song!

This is a Message that relates to Autistics because we don’t listen much to a society that doesn’t have much good to say!

But this message was more designed for Parents, I think!

Parents, if you have a child that is rebelling against you, maybe you should ‘check yourself’ to see how you are trying to control them!

A Natural (Wild) dog will fight against anyone trying to leash or cage it!

Doing this will break that animal and will Destroy its free spirit!

Please don’t do this to your own child!

That child is a human being just like you, and you, as a parent, are meant to give them guidance, NOT to control them!

The society we live in today teaches us to control our children, not to respect them as individuals!

This same society is going downhill very fast because of this!  They are destroying their own children and those children’s futures by simply following what society says they should do!  Don’t let this very negative society tell you how to raise a child because they are obviously failing very efficiently at it!

No one is expecting you to improve over night!

But we ALL should try to improve who we are daily and do right by others, even our own children!

So, as the song ‘Man in The Mirror’ by Michael Jackson goes, try to Improve yourself and become a leader by example, instead of following societies ways of holding others to standards, that they are not living themselves!

If you can simply become a ‘Leader by Example’, you will be a better leader than any leaders of my own country! (America)

Your child is closer to Nature than yourself and by showing them some respect, you are also showing Nature Respect!  Because Nature cares more about your children than it does about adults that have wandered off track and away from Nature!

If you Truly Love your child, then Respect them as an individual, and you will find that they will Respect you back, which will lead into a Beautiful Relationship with Them!

Have a Respectful Day!

-Doug Chandler

The Most Powerful Disinfectant Known To Humanity (Written 10-25-21)

Let’s think about this!

A cat licks itself clean, but isn’t known for transferring diseases!

A person gets infections through cuts and bruises, not through what they eat!

I have used countless public restrooms, spit n shining the seat!

This would suggest that saliva itself, that is built into humanity, is one of the greatest disinfectants, we could possibly have!

Isn’t it nice to have been built by Nature itself!

Maybe we should start respecting that Nature, that gave us all we have!

My Mentor once said, “What goes in your mouth won’t defile you, what comes out will!” – Unless of course you are throwing up from something you shouldn’t have eatin! :P:)

Maybe there was more than one meaning to his guidance lesson!

-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

A Simple Blogging Tip (Written 10-24-21)

This is a New Blog I just started and since it is ALL about Improving others lives, I thought I would post this!

You will notice below that the views to likes almost match in numbers!

Although this blog covers massive different subjects, by several different Authors, you can see that it is very consistent in its response rate!

This blog is all based on Truths and Creating Awareness through various forms of communication with others! Example: True Stories, Poems, Inspirational Content, and Other types of writing.

If you are starting a Blog, you can use your own numbers to figure out what your readers are more interested in! Then you can gear your future writings in that direction if you want!

This blogs first post was only a week ago and it seems to be headed in the right 50 different directions! 😛 🙂

If you find Value in this Information, Please press the Like button so we can keep sharing valuable stats with other Bloggers!

If you DON’T find value in this post, then Press the FOLLOW button, and we will be sure to post something soon that you will LIKE! 🙂

Have an Awesome Blogging Day!

-Autistics Unlimited Guy

Getting A Better Picture (Written 10-21-21)

A Picture May Be Beautiful,
May Be Worth a Thousand Words,
But What You Cannot See in That Picture,
May Be Worth So Much More!

If It Is of a Species,
That We Cannot See or Hear,
The Possibilities Here Are Endless,
And May Be Very Damaging to You!

Because We Were Never Meant to Share Pictures,
In The Way We Currently Do,
They Were Meant to Be Shared in Thoughts,
On A Network That Connects Our Minds,
A Network Within Nature Itself,
That Makes Us All a Part of One!

Imagine If an Ethereal Species,
That We Cannot See at All,
Were To Be in That Picture,
Sending Messages to The Rest!

Just Because You Cannot See It,
Does Not Mean, It Doesn’t Exist!
In Case You Do Not Believe This,
Then Good Luck with Taking Your Next Breath!

The Church Believes in This Species,
Although Conveniently Never Talk About It,
Which Makes You Really Wonder,
Who’s In Control of The Church, After All!

And They Wonder Why Christ’s True Teachings,
Were Against the Church Itself!

-Gods Cousin Bob – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

Purity of Nature (Written 10-12-21)


I have this friend,
That I used to think I owned,
But she never thought that about me,
As she welcomed me home!

She never looked down on me,
Like most of society,
But instead gave me kisses,
Whenever she had the chance!

She was always there for me,
No matter what I had done,
Never there to judge me,
Like most others have done,
In her eyes I can always read,
That she is happy to see me!

If I ever hurt her,
She would shy away,
Always returning to forgive me,
And Love me anyways!

I used to call her my pet,
But now I call her my friend,
Because in reality of it all,
She deserves so much better than me!

She may be a dog,
That I miss very much,
But I found her a home,
Much better than mine,
So, she could spend time,
With One of her own!

I did this out of my own Love for her,
Because the best way to show Love,
Was to do what is best for her,
Just as I have done!

I’m glad she was in my life for a bit,
And taught me how to grow up!
I am Happy to have known her,
And without her lessons in Life,
I may have never learned,
How to Truly Love another too!

She is Purity!

She was my Best Friend ever!

-Doug Chandler