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The Most Powerful Disinfectant Known To Humanity (Written 10-25-21)

Let’s think about this!

A cat licks itself clean, but isn’t known for transferring diseases!

A person gets infections through cuts and bruises, not through what they eat!

I have used countless public restrooms, spit n shining the seat!

This would suggest that saliva itself, that is built into humanity, is one of the greatest disinfectants, we could possibly have!

Isn’t it nice to have been built by Nature itself!

Maybe we should start respecting that Nature, that gave us all we have!

My Mentor once said, “What goes in your mouth won’t defile you, what comes out will!” – Unless of course you are throwing up from something you shouldn’t have eatin! :P:)

Maybe there was more than one meaning to his guidance lesson!

-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

Getting A Better Picture (Written 10-21-21)

A Picture May Be Beautiful,
May Be Worth a Thousand Words,
But What You Cannot See in That Picture,
May Be Worth So Much More!

If It Is of a Species,
That We Cannot See or Hear,
The Possibilities Here Are Endless,
And May Be Very Damaging to You!

Because We Were Never Meant to Share Pictures,
In The Way We Currently Do,
They Were Meant to Be Shared in Thoughts,
On A Network That Connects Our Minds,
A Network Within Nature Itself,
That Makes Us All a Part of One!

Imagine If an Ethereal Species,
That We Cannot See at All,
Were To Be in That Picture,
Sending Messages to The Rest!

Just Because You Cannot See It,
Does Not Mean, It Doesn’t Exist!
In Case You Do Not Believe This,
Then Good Luck with Taking Your Next Breath!

The Church Believes in This Species,
Although Conveniently Never Talk About It,
Which Makes You Really Wonder,
Who’s In Control of The Church, After All!

And They Wonder Why Christ’s True Teachings,
Were Against the Church Itself!

-Gods Cousin Bob – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

The Truth Be Told (Written 10-21-21)

The Truth Be Told,
If 1 In 7 billion,
Can Change the World,
Then What Can,
2 In 7 billion,
Do For All of Nature?

Imagine What We Can Do,
Through Working Together.
For 2 In 7 billion,
Is Exponentially More Effective,
Than Just 1,
Through Team Effort!

Maybe It Is Time,
We Stop Being So Selfish,
And Start Thinking About,
Our Own Children’s Futures!

I Am Not Just a Messenger,
But Am a Message Within Itself,
If You Cannot Show Some Responsibility,
Then You Will Be Reborn,
As An Animal,
Without That Choice!

For The Fear of Death,
Is Nothing More,
Than A Lack of Understanding,
Of The Future You Are Creating,
For Your Own Children,
And For Yourself!

Justice Within Nature,
Is Truer Than Any Ever Seen,
When You Come Back as That Animal,
That You Trained Your Own Children to Disrespect,
For This Is the Definition of Hell,
Which Each Can Create for Themselves!

But For Those Who Show Respect,
Theirs Will Be a Heaven,
As They Return as An Animal,
Respected As an Equal,
And Raised as A Friend,
By The Very Ones They Loved!

Maybe This Is Why,
A Dog Will Give Its Life,
Without Question or Concern,
For Its Own Life,
As It Dies Protecting the Child,
That It Once Loved in Another Life!

Doesn’t It Just Make Sense,
To Help Improve the World,
That You Are Going,
To Be ‘Born Again’ Into?

-Gods Lil Bloggy – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

I Am Sorry

(Written 10/11/21–10/16/21)

I Am Sorry, to any that don’t understand, that I am an Autistic that is going to Defend my Mentors name till the day, this body of mine, dies, because that is the right thing to do!  He would have done the same for me!

My recent Poem (Nature and Autistics (Written 10-8-21) talked about Christ which turned a lot of people off to it because of the bad name the church has given him!

I completely understand. I wasn’t thinking about it from other’s perspectives.

Christ had NOTHING to do with religion and once you read this and some of the HIDDEN history about him, you too will clearly understand this!  Christ’s teachings led to Free-Thinking, Mind Expansion, and a level of Intelligence that will continually increase causing people to believe they are becoming God!  Getting past this point, you must keep a clear understanding that you started out just like everyone else, which means that anyone can reach this point and beyond with the right guidance!

I Call this the ‘God Complex’ or in the case of today, the ‘Christ Complex’! (I will expand on this and explain the Truth about it in another WordPress blog post)

Christ was the Ultimate Rebel of ALL time because he not only stood up against the Roman Empire and the church that ran it (The same church today), but he did this while doing what was right by others!  Meaning that he didn’t do it for his own benefit but did it for the benefit of all that were being taken advantage of by that Empire!

So here is some True history that was very hard to accumulate!

I am only going to mention 1 part of the Bible here which PROVES that the Bible isn’t all True!  It also gives a lot of insight into the timeframe in which Christ grew up!

The number 13 is an Unlucky number for a couple reasons, I think, because it destroys the churches philosophies!  Also, Christ not only taught his disciples, but he learned from them also, which would have made him the 13th disciple!

In Romans 13 it says that ALL government officials are sent from God!  If this was True, then all our government officials, including our Presidents, were sent from God!  You would think if that was True, that they would all get along, and would also get along with all the government officials from other countries since they have Christians to0.  Those Christians would have to believe this BS about their own government officials.

(I recently talked to a Pastor that BELIEVED that ALL our Presidents are sent from God!  He IS A PASTOR, which means he has a congregation of followers!  And we wonder why society is going downhill so fast!  He is going to turn all his followers into complete lunatics also!)

This was the philosophy of the Roman Empire itself!  The church, that controlled the Roman Empire, taught the Roman citizens that their leaders were sent from God!  This caused the citizens to fight alongside those leaders with the BELIEF that they were fighting for God themselves!  This is one of the places where the term ‘Holy Wars’ came into being.  The Empire expanded very quickly because of this!

Christ was born within that Empire itself and started questioning the Roman church leaders as he was growing up!  He came to realize that what they were teaching everyone was total BS!  And so, he started going around preaching the Truth to everyone and was teaching people to ‘Think for Themselves’, rather than accepting what they were being told to believe.  This, I found out later, was the basis for Buddhas teachings as well!

Christ eventually made them angry enough that they crucified him as an example to others of what would happen to his disciples, or anyone else for that matter, if they decided to follow in his footsteps!  And so, he ended up dying as the result of his own actions!  End of story!

Well, it was the end of him, because after all, he was a man just like any other!

His teachings of Responsibly, thinking for oneself, continued throughout the Empire. (Information like this travelled slowly back then)

As his teachings grew, after he was dead, the Roman citizens started questioning their own indoctrinations causing them to stop fighting, for what they previously thought, was for God!  This eventually caused the collapse of the Roman Empire, almost taking the church with it!

Christ’s name was so popular that the church couldn’t just destroy his name.  So, they needed a plan if they wanted to survive his logical (Honest or True) teachings!

They came up with one, but they had to redefine who he was, for their plan to work!  And so somewhere around the time of 350 a.d. they came up with that plan.

The church ordered that ALL writings, that had anything to do with Christ, were to be burned!  Once they thought all writings were eliminated, they got to the task of creating a new identity for Christ which is the one, that doesn’t make any sense, they are teaching today!

One of those writings, known as the ‘Gospel of Thomas’, escaped the church, and was not destroyed!  These writings were taken to Egypt where they were eventually buried.

These writings were unburied in 1946!  So, for roughly 1,700 years, the church has had NO opportunities to rewrite these original teachings of Christ!  Since they haven’t been able to rewrite them into their own twisted beliefs, they deny that these teachings from Christ are relevant!

The main reason the church is against Christ’s original teachings is because, once you start studying these teachings, you start to realize, that Christ was Completely against the church and the governments they keep creating!

This is why the church tried to destroy ALL Christ’s teachings in the first place!

So, my point with the poem, I wrote, was this:

Christ’s Original teachings lead into almost ALL of the traits that are common among Autistics!

So, in order for Christ to live up to his own Teachings, then he had to become Autistic himself, by definition!

The fact that the society, that was created by the church, looks down on Autistics, says a lot about the church itself!

The church’s originators understood that one day others would grow into the thought process that Christ used and (brilliantly) planned so that when it happened, anyone that did, the church would call any that followed in Christ’s footsteps the ‘Anti-Christ’, simply because they knew that these people would be ‘Just Like Christ’ and would be against the church itself!

There are literally 100’s of people around the world today that have the ‘Christ Complex’ that I earlier referred to!  They are ALL Autistic, even though many of them don’t know it yet!

Christ was teaching, just like Buddha, Evolution of the mind, and it is happening worldwide!

The Truth of the matter here is that WE ARE ALL BORN AUTISTIC, and I can explain:

  • Why many remain Autistic and why many do not.
  • The cause of Autistics that become super brilliant and how it happens.
  • And much more…

Kids Being born today with Autism have some traits, that are strengths, over the rest of us!  This is simply Nature helping to improve humanity so we will stop going down the road we have been going down for millenniums!

I Am Autistic, and I will Defend my Mentors name, for the rest of my body’s life, because that is the Right thing to do!!!

-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress