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Solutions to some problems today!

Fun Times – A Cure For Autistic Depression (written 10-17-21)

If you have an Autistic child that isn’t very responsive, this is a guaranteed way to get them laughing uncontrollably and will probably result in you laughing just as hard! It just might be one of the most enjoyable moments of yours, but most importantly, their life!

One of the things, we aren’t taught, is that Laughter is the Cure for depression, stress, and so many other problems we are having today!

And it is FREE! (well, not completely Free in this case)

Simply put, You cannot think depressing thoughts, which lead to stress, when you are laughing!

Positivity cancels out negativity! Laughter cancels out depression!

It will also help to cancel out depression of those around you that hear it, especially if you are laughing uncontrollably!

Maybe if we learn to laugh together we will start Uniting for something constructive!

But how do we get into this state of uncontrollable laughter?

One word….. Helium

I have never once been around someone that was sucking helium out of a balloon and not laughed from the results! Instantly taking away any depressing thoughts in the process!

In the depressing world we are living in, I’m surprised that people aren’t doing this everywhere just to lift up peoples spirits!

Just imagine all the things we could make so much more enjoyable through this simple solution to a very unhappy world!

Don’t do it so much for your own benefit, but instead do it for someone else and you will find how amazingly it will make you feel so much better about yourself!

Adding CLEAN entertainment values to our lives is so much better than a lot of the stuff we see on TV! Plus, doing things together is so much more rewarding!

Be careful though because ‘Laughing’ can become a very good habit, which will lead into the habit of smiling more, which will lead into the habit of being happier, which will lead into less depression and other negative ideas. And by getting these out of your head, your intelligence will start to go up, because you don’t have negative ideas holding your mind down!

Others will start to see these changes in you and will want to be around you more!

People will start asking you why you have become so Positive! Just tell them, “It all started with Helium!” then laugh as they are scratching their head trying to figure it out!

The good news is that you’ll only be using Helium until you get addicted to becoming more Positive! After than its a pretty easy habit to kick once you go to your first Helium’s Anonymous meeting where no one will be able to stop laughing! 🙂

Oh, and by the way, Maintaining a Happy lifestyle will also lead you into being more Creative because now that you don’t have depressing thoughts in your mind, your mind becomes more efficient and will start working faster!

While we’re on the subject of Laughter, here is a couple of ideas that might just pick you up right now!

Imagine if Helium was used in the following several different ways and how much fun people would have because of it!

  • Imagine in political debates they were required to suck on some helium before any arguments were made! Viewership would make it into the triple digits! 🙂
  • Imagine being at your favorite sport, cheering on your team while taking helium hits! Entertainment for the team and everyone else!
  • Imagine getting pulled over for speeding and, conveniently, having a balloon on hand to answers his questions! it would probably make his day!
  • Imagine the entertainment value for others if you simply did it while shopping! There are so many ways, with just this one idea, to not only improve your day, but also improve everyone else’s around you!

Life is meant to have Fun! Why not start today?

I have a feeling that helium sales will be on the RISE if people actually share this! 😛

Don’t settle for just a balloon, buy a whole tank…! LOL 🙂

You may just find it to be one of the best investments of your life!

Laughter Promotes Positivity and that in itself makes it one of the most valuable things you can do for others!

Have a High-Pitched Day! 🙂

-Gods Cousin Bob – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

Problems With The Society I Grew Up In (written 10-14-21)

  • We think we are better than everyone else!
  • We are in ‘Denial’ that we have problems!
  • We don’t take responsibility for our problems!
  • We blame all our problems on others or circumstances!
  • We simply won’t admit we have problems!

At the same time, we preach to alcoholics that they must admit that they have a problem and get out of that ‘Denial’ state in order to get better!

Maybe the society I grew up in should stop being so hypocritical and fix their own reflection in the mirror before preaching to others!

Don’t hold others to standards that you yourself aren’t living up to!

Take Michael Jacksons advice he gave in ‘Man In The Mirror’! Most of the Best messages in life are written by song artists!

Coming To Solutions

In order to come to a solution for anything, You must first identify the problem and admit that it is a problem! Only then can you find a solution to that problem!

This is the reason that society is going downhill!!! They simply refuse to admit the Truth about themselves!

What This Blog Is Doing

This blog is identifying a lot of the problems today, and if you take the time to read it, you might just find that there are many solutions being shared too!

We must Identify the problems first though! You may find that some of the post are not only identifying problems, but they are giving possible solutions as well!

As more Autistics, or logical thinkers, join in this blog and start either writing for it, or posting solutions to other writers posts, we will start solving many of societies problems!

So, we will bring Awareness, and then try to immediately follow it up with Solutions!

Don’t underestimate the Power of Unity!

Most of us are Autistic! Embrace your Autism and realize what you are Truly capable of! Let’s solve societies problems while also Creating a Better world for everyone! Let’s lead by Example!

-Autistics Unlimited


Harnessing The Power of Autism (Our Mission)

Each one of our Minds is a ‘Think Tank’ on its own when we decide to use it, whether you are Autistic or not! But in the world today, it seems that the ones using their minds the most are Autistic!

I have scoured the internet reading all kinds of Brilliant blogs, most of them from Autistics, but not all of them! Many of these blogs are describing a basis for life itself and so many have very valuable information that could benefit all of our society!

As a problem solver myself, here is how I look at this situation:

  • In the real world, Autistics don’t really ever get a chance to connect and work together because in order to do that, they would have to get out into a society that they don’t want to be around!
  • Rather than arguing endlessly with the rest of society and their views on Autistics and then letting them hold us down through negative connotations, let’s not follow their example and instead do something completely different and prove them wrong in the process of our own actions! Because True leaders lead by example, not talk!
  • Autistics are not as judgmental about others as much as society is judgmental about us, so lets continue leading by our own examples!

I have a hard time with names so I will often just call everyone ‘Friend’! With that thought in mind, I would like to mention a friend of mine that is showing the power of ONE Autistic through her actions! She has found something she loves to do! She loves to Help others! How Autistic of her! 😛

I Love watching her videos, as she is so Honest in them, that she is often questioning her own ideas and trying to make sense of them for her viewers! I call this ‘non-bias thinking’ and I Love watching it! She is constantly ‘Logicizing’ her own thoughts, which is what helps her to find the truth in things!

I won’t tell you who she is, but instead, I’ll just call her ‘Neurodivergent Rebel’ :P, and you can figure that out on your own! She is Awesome and is currently showing ‘the Power of One very Honest Autistic’, by embracing who she is and not letting society hold her down! As of this post, 84,000 followers on Facebook can’t be wrong! She, like myself, likes to work alone and is showing the Power of a single Mind! I Salute her for standing out and being Honest with all of those around her! I guess Honesty, a basic trait in Autistics, can go a very long way! At least that is what she is proving in her Actions!

What Neurodivergent Rebel doesn’t realize yet is that this blog is going to provide a lot of answers to many of the ideas she has been trying to figure out in her videos! Imagine her surprise when she finds it! 🙂

She has Inspired the starting of this blog! I Thank her for that! 🙂

A Solution for the world:

  • Autistics that have a hard time finding each other off line might find that it is very easy to find each other online! Mostly because we stand out so much with our Writing, our Honest ways, and our very Logical thinking that always will lead to the Truth!
  • Once you understand the Truth about something through ‘non-bias thinking’, it makes it very easy then to solve the problem at hand! But you HAVE to understand the Truth in order to come to a Logical solution!

Finish this goofball!! 😛 I’m obviously self-motivated! 🙂

-Autistics Unlimited

Unfinished Post!