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The Most Powerful Disinfectant Known To Humanity (Written 10-25-21)

Let’s think about this!

A cat licks itself clean, but isn’t known for transferring diseases!

A person gets infections through cuts and bruises, not through what they eat!

I have used countless public restrooms, spit n shining the seat!

This would suggest that saliva itself, that is built into humanity, is one of the greatest disinfectants, we could possibly have!

Isn’t it nice to have been built by Nature itself!

Maybe we should start respecting that Nature, that gave us all we have!

My Mentor once said, “What goes in your mouth won’t defile you, what comes out will!” – Unless of course you are throwing up from something you shouldn’t have eatin! :P:)

Maybe there was more than one meaning to his guidance lesson!

-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

The Puppet Master (Written 10-13-21)

If you don’t want to be a puppet anymore,
Then you have to cut the strings,
That are controlling you,
No one can do that for you!

So here you go my friend,
I will provide you with the tools,
And an overabundance of knowledge,
To give you the Freedom you deserve!

Whether you choose to use my knowledge,
For the benefit of yourself,
And the Freedom of your own children,
Is a choice that you must make!

I would suggest you do it quickly,
Because here he comes again,
That one that calls himself your friend,
The Puppet Master!

-Autistic Alien