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Looking To Nature for Guidance (Written 10-23-21)

I Look to Nature for Guidance,
I Allow It to Consume Me,
To Become One with It,
I Am Autistic!

I Enjoy Life as I Am Meant To,
I Do not Worry About the Past,
Because I am Too Busy Creating a Better Future,
But I Do Not Worry About the Future,
As I Live in The Present,
I Am Autistic!

I Do Not Let the Fears of This World Consume Me,
Because I Am Better Than That,
I Am Autistic!

I Live for The Day,
Just As I Was Designed to Do,
I Am One with Nature,
I Am Autistic!

I Do not Allow Society To,
Control Me Through My Emotions,
Because I Am a Nature-Al Rebel,
I Am Autistic!

I Create My Own Paths in Life,
I Never Stoop to Following All the Others,
I Am a Natural Born Leader,
I Am Autistic!

I Am My Own Leader,
I Am Responsible in My Mind,
Just Like I Was Born to Be,
I Am Autistic

I Feel Sorry for Those Others,
Following Their Own Leaders Over Cliffs,
It is Just Another Case,
Of The “Blind Leading the Blind”,
Maybe Some of Them Will Get a Clue,
And Come Back to Reality,
Before They Are Completely Lost,
In The Abyss of Their Own Self-Destruction!

I am Glad Others Like Me Are Not Following Them Either,
For They Were Designed to Follow Their Own Paths Also,
All Our Paths Will Lead Together at The Top,
We Are Autistic!

-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress

The Truth Be Told (Written 10-21-21)

The Truth Be Told,
If 1 In 7 billion,
Can Change the World,
Then What Can,
2 In 7 billion,
Do For All of Nature?

Imagine What We Can Do,
Through Working Together.
For 2 In 7 billion,
Is Exponentially More Effective,
Than Just 1,
Through Team Effort!

Maybe It Is Time,
We Stop Being So Selfish,
And Start Thinking About,
Our Own Children’s Futures!

I Am Not Just a Messenger,
But Am a Message Within Itself,
If You Cannot Show Some Responsibility,
Then You Will Be Reborn,
As An Animal,
Without That Choice!

For The Fear of Death,
Is Nothing More,
Than A Lack of Understanding,
Of The Future You Are Creating,
For Your Own Children,
And For Yourself!

Justice Within Nature,
Is Truer Than Any Ever Seen,
When You Come Back as That Animal,
That You Trained Your Own Children to Disrespect,
For This Is the Definition of Hell,
Which Each Can Create for Themselves!

But For Those Who Show Respect,
Theirs Will Be a Heaven,
As They Return as An Animal,
Respected As an Equal,
And Raised as A Friend,
By The Very Ones They Loved!

Maybe This Is Why,
A Dog Will Give Its Life,
Without Question or Concern,
For Its Own Life,
As It Dies Protecting the Child,
That It Once Loved in Another Life!

Doesn’t It Just Make Sense,
To Help Improve the World,
That You Are Going,
To Be ‘Born Again’ Into?

-Gods Lil Bloggy – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress


The Power of One – Unleashed (Written 10-19-21)

I Once Knew a Child,
That I had Never Met,
That Was Only 10 Years Old,
With a Dream to Change the world!

He Was a Fighter,
But Not the Violent Kind,
He Took that Dream,
And Changed it into Reality!

His Own Parents,
Must be Absolutely Amazing,
To Have Empowered and Inspired him,
To have Given him Guidance in the Right Direction,
To Have Believed so Much in Him,
That He Has Changed the World!

The Butterfly Effect,
Is Not Known by Very Many!
It is the Truth that a Small Single Change,
Will Eventually Change the World!

The Truth in This Is,
If You Can Change the World,
Through One Single Change,
Then Why Not Pile Up,
All of Those Changes,
And Change it Even Quicker!

This Kid That I Respect,
More Than Most of My Elders,
Is Someone Who Has Proven His Worth,
Through Making a Difference,
Rather Than Just Sitting Around,
Dreaming About it, Like so Many Others!

For Someone’s Dream Lacks Value,
Until Another Empowers Them,
Through Encouraging Freedom of Mind,
And Inspiration to Match That Empowerment!

I Write This Poem,
To Empower Another,
That Thinks Very Much Like Myself,
Who is True to Himself,
And is True to Others,
We Are Changing the World Together!

I Think He Has Very Little Concept,
Of How Big Those Changes Really Are!
How Saving a Single Life,
Through Videos of Getting Back to Nature,
Could Impact the World,
In So Many Different Ways!

When it Comes to Believing in Your Ideals,
Getting Knocked Down Once in A while,
By a Society Trying to Hold You Down,
Will Only Make You Stronger!
Too Bad That Society isn’t as Bright,
As They Thought They Were!

For I Have Been Knocked Down,
And Suppressed by Them so Much,
That I Just Keep Coming Back,
Reminding Them of this Truth!

And so, I Thank Them,
For Knocking Me Down,
And Making Me Stronger,
Than I Have Ever Been!
Without Their Own Brilliance,
That Shines Like a Lump of Coal,
I Wouldn’t Be Who I Am Today,
Tearing it Up in Creative Writings! 😊

A Few Years Ago,
I Taught Myself to Write,
Simply by Just Doing It!
I Write on Many Truths,
Which Makes My Writings More Powerful,
Than any nuclear weapon!

We Are All Different,
We Find Our Own Unique Ways,
Of Creating Positive Change,
In Any Way We Can!

Through Creating Awareness,
Or Inspiring Others,
Or Simply Empowering them,
To Believe in Themselves!

I Once Knew a Child,
That Has Followed His Own Dreams,
He Traveled All Over the World,
Before He Had Even Turned 18!

Because His Passion,
Was About Helping Nature,
Nature Has Provided Him,
All This Travelling for Free!
This Shows the Power,
Of Doing the Right Thing!

Throughout Our History,
Billions of Others,
Have Dreamed About,
Traveling the World Just as He!

Most Never Get to Do It,
Because They Are Just Thinking,
About That One, That’s in The Mirror,
Rather Than Nature Itself!

This Would Suggest That,
If You Are Fighting For,
Other Life on This Planet,
That Is What Matters Most!

I Once Knew a 10-Year-Old,
That Had a Dream,
He Became an Independent Film Producer,
Through Experiences Alone!

Now He Teaches Others,
How to Do What He’s Done,
Gives Them an Education,
On Living Life Like Himself!

The Best Teachers in Life,
Are All Self-Educated,
While All the Rest,
Just Do What They Are Told!

I Once Knew a 10-Year-Old,
And to Protect His Name,
I’ll Just Call Him Alek, 😛
And He Saved My Life!

-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress


Overwhelmed (Written 10-2-21)

• When I get overwhelmed,
• I will often go somewhere private,
• And break down crying,
• I am Autistic.

• This means that I don’t do it,
• To get others attention.
• I don’t use people but instead,
• Respect them and care about them,
• I am Autistic.

• I will never feed into your self-deception,
• To keep your feelings from getting hurt,
• Because that is not what a True friend does,
• So, I will be Honest with you,
• Even if you don’t like it!
• I am Autistic.

• I write in Truth,
• Because that is the only way that I know how!
• I am Autistic.

• I spend most of my time,
• Thinking about others welfare,
• Because that is my Natural way of thinking!
• I am Autistic.

• I shy away from the rest of society,
• Because I am very True to myself,
• And it is hard to associate,
• With those that are not!
• I am Autistic.

• I don’t allow negative attributes,
• From society to enter my head,
• Because of this my mind remains clean,
• And processes information quicker!
• I am Autistic.

• When I get around to much technology or people,
• I will often try to focus on one thing.
• It is because I am taking in more information,
• Than most can comprehend.
• I don’t want to get overwhelmed again,
• Because I don’t want to have to find a place,
• that is private,
• Where I can cry again!
• I am Autistic.

How about you?
-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress


Fun Times – A Cure For Autistic Depression (written 10-17-21)

If you have an Autistic child that isn’t very responsive, this is a guaranteed way to get them laughing uncontrollably and will probably result in you laughing just as hard! It just might be one of the most enjoyable moments of yours, but most importantly, their life!

One of the things, we aren’t taught, is that Laughter is the Cure for depression, stress, and so many other problems we are having today!

And it is FREE! (well, not completely Free in this case)

Simply put, You cannot think depressing thoughts, which lead to stress, when you are laughing!

Positivity cancels out negativity! Laughter cancels out depression!

It will also help to cancel out depression of those around you that hear it, especially if you are laughing uncontrollably!

Maybe if we learn to laugh together we will start Uniting for something constructive!

But how do we get into this state of uncontrollable laughter?

One word….. Helium

I have never once been around someone that was sucking helium out of a balloon and not laughed from the results! Instantly taking away any depressing thoughts in the process!

In the depressing world we are living in, I’m surprised that people aren’t doing this everywhere just to lift up peoples spirits!

Just imagine all the things we could make so much more enjoyable through this simple solution to a very unhappy world!

Don’t do it so much for your own benefit, but instead do it for someone else and you will find how amazingly it will make you feel so much better about yourself!

Adding CLEAN entertainment values to our lives is so much better than a lot of the stuff we see on TV! Plus, doing things together is so much more rewarding!

Be careful though because ‘Laughing’ can become a very good habit, which will lead into the habit of smiling more, which will lead into the habit of being happier, which will lead into less depression and other negative ideas. And by getting these out of your head, your intelligence will start to go up, because you don’t have negative ideas holding your mind down!

Others will start to see these changes in you and will want to be around you more!

People will start asking you why you have become so Positive! Just tell them, “It all started with Helium!” then laugh as they are scratching their head trying to figure it out!

The good news is that you’ll only be using Helium until you get addicted to becoming more Positive! After than its a pretty easy habit to kick once you go to your first Helium’s Anonymous meeting where no one will be able to stop laughing! 🙂

Oh, and by the way, Maintaining a Happy lifestyle will also lead you into being more Creative because now that you don’t have depressing thoughts in your mind, your mind becomes more efficient and will start working faster!

While we’re on the subject of Laughter, here is a couple of ideas that might just pick you up right now!

Imagine if Helium was used in the following several different ways and how much fun people would have because of it!

  • Imagine in political debates they were required to suck on some helium before any arguments were made! Viewership would make it into the triple digits! 🙂
  • Imagine being at your favorite sport, cheering on your team while taking helium hits! Entertainment for the team and everyone else!
  • Imagine getting pulled over for speeding and, conveniently, having a balloon on hand to answers his questions! it would probably make his day!
  • Imagine the entertainment value for others if you simply did it while shopping! There are so many ways, with just this one idea, to not only improve your day, but also improve everyone else’s around you!

Life is meant to have Fun! Why not start today?

I have a feeling that helium sales will be on the RISE if people actually share this! 😛

Don’t settle for just a balloon, buy a whole tank…! LOL 🙂

You may just find it to be one of the best investments of your life!

Laughter Promotes Positivity and that in itself makes it one of the most valuable things you can do for others!

Have a High-Pitched Day! 🙂

-Gods Cousin Bob – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress