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Overwhelmed (Written 10-2-21)

• When I get overwhelmed,
• I will often go somewhere private,
• And break down crying,
• I am Autistic.

• This means that I don’t do it,
• To get others attention.
• I don’t use people but instead,
• Respect them and care about them,
• I am Autistic.

• I will never feed into your self-deception,
• To keep your feelings from getting hurt,
• Because that is not what a True friend does,
• So, I will be Honest with you,
• Even if you don’t like it!
• I am Autistic.

• I write in Truth,
• Because that is the only way that I know how!
• I am Autistic.

• I spend most of my time,
• Thinking about others welfare,
• Because that is my Natural way of thinking!
• I am Autistic.

• I shy away from the rest of society,
• Because I am very True to myself,
• And it is hard to associate,
• With those that are not!
• I am Autistic.

• I don’t allow negative attributes,
• From society to enter my head,
• Because of this my mind remains clean,
• And processes information quicker!
• I am Autistic.

• When I get around to much technology or people,
• I will often try to focus on one thing.
• It is because I am taking in more information,
• Than most can comprehend.
• I don’t want to get overwhelmed again,
• Because I don’t want to have to find a place,
• that is private,
• Where I can cry again!
• I am Autistic.

How about you?
-Doug Chandler – Autistics Unlimited on WordPress


Nature and Autistics (Written 10-8-21)

(Please Note, Christ’s True teachings were non-religious and are NOT taught by the church. I mention him in here because he was one of my Mentors. Buddha was my other Mentor)


We were all born from Nature
And those who stick to their origins,
Cannot easily be drawn away,
Into a society based on corruption!
So, we wait patiently for the rest to improve,
And to come back to their origins too!

We are Originators!

We stick to our guns and don’t participate in deception,
Just ask us and we will tell you the Truth,
Even if you don’t like that Truth!
We will not feed into your self-deception like others do,
Because in Honesty,
That would be unfair to you!

We are Equality!

We do not accept training from a system,
That was designed to hold us down!
So, we sit at home alone,
Waiting for that system to rise to our standards,
Or to fall as it surely will,
If it chooses to stand against us!

We are Creativity!

We are the future,
To a world that has fallen,
To its own deceptive ideas!
Nature is creating more of us,
Because it is in our own creation,
That respect will return to Nature itself!

We are Nature!

Some of us know the Truth,
So, we will help to Inspire and Empower the others,
To bring to them an understanding,
Of what they Truly are!

I am Honesty!

It is time for an Age of Honesty,
To show a sad world a better way,
A sad people who live on ignorance alone!
It’s time to stop accepting what you have been told,
To start following in our footsteps,
By Thinking for Yourself!

We are Ignorance Free!

We have a hard time,
Surviving through greed,
A system built on money,
We don’t find Natural!
Given the opportunity to live in a society,
That is free from control through money,
We would thrive and share our Honest ways,
With all that are interested!
And we would do it,
For Free!

We are True Freedom!

We are Responsible with our minds,
By ‘Thinking for Ourselves’,
And would also be Responsible with our lives,
If we had a choice to be Independent!
We would surely choose that path,
Over a system built for slavery!

We are Free!

We wait,
Somewhat impatiently,
For the rest of society,
To grow up!

We are True Maturity!

We are the Future,
And we speak in Truth,
Just as we are the Truth,
That is a part of everyone’s Future!

We are The Future!

We are all a part of Nature,
And Autistics stick more to their origins,
By having more respect for that Nature,
Than a society that has no respect for it!

We are Origin!

Just like Christ’s ‘Original’ teachings,
We Responsibly Think for Ourselves!
Christ questioned what he was raised on,
And so, we question everything too!
Just like Christ was Honest,
We are Honest!
Just like Christ was Compassionate,
We are Compassionate!
Just like Christ Respected Nature,
We Respect Nature!
Just like Christ was Origin,
We are Origin!
Just like Christ believed in Equality,
We are Equality!
Christ taught to be True to oneself and to others,
We are True to Ourselves and to Others!
Christ was about Freedom of Mind,
We are Free Thinking!
Just like Christ was Logical,
We Think Logically!
Logic Always leads to the Truth,
And God is the Truth!

You would think that Christ,
Was Autistic like Ourselves,
His own level of Intelligence,
Would suggest He was Autistic too,
Maybe this is because,
We were built in His Image!
We are Proud to be Autistic,
While being just like Christ!

We are the Future,
And you can be too!
Come and join us Friends,
Become a part of Evolution,
And we will Shape,
A New World Together!

The Truth should be Told,
The Most Powerful Form of Evolution,
Is Evolution of The Mind!
So, Come Join us Friends,
And We will Become,
Evolution Together!

We are Evolution!

We are The Truth,
And if you want The Truth,
Then hop on our train,
It’s much better than that other,
That got derailed,
Just a little while back!

We are Originality!

Why not take your Autistic child outside today,
So, they can be with what they were born a part of,
Let them Experience Life,
As it was Meant to be Experienced!

They are Nature!

We are Creative in What We Do,
Watch us Create,
A Better World for You!
Or join us for the Time of Your Life,
And you might just Become,
Creative Too!

We are The Truth,
And We are Autistic!

I am here to Promote,
Responsibility of Mind!
To Give You Guidance,
To Rise Above the Rest,
To Experience a Level of Thought,
That hasn’t been seen, in 2,000 Years!
To Help The Chosen Ones,
To Become Leaders Themselves!

I Am Autism!

-Doug Chandler

–The Power of Inspiration!—
A few days ago,
I wrote a short Poem,
That I called ‘Overwhelmed’,
That was a few Truths about Autistics!
I was so INSPIRED by peoples Responses,
That I expanded on those Realities,
And wrote this ‘Evolved’ version,
Of that Poem of Truths,
To help bring Awareness,
Of What Autistics are an Extension of!

If you have Autistic children, please do them a favor and don’t help society break them of who they really are! Allow them to be themselves, without trying to control them, and they will Amaze you!

-Doug Chandler #actuallyautistic